Spay Neuter Fund

October 15, 2021

Dear Community Members,

Prior to COVID, the HSDR was fortunate to receive donations and Foundation grants to create a much-needed hospital on site, to address the immediate and on going medical concerns of animals brought into our care.
However, COVID -19 has wreaked havoc with the ability of the HSDR to organize fundraising opportunities to allow us to help meet the needs of the nearly the 1,200 animals seen annually.

The largest ongoing medical requirement and cost to our hospital is providing medical assessments, vaccines and spay and neuter procedures, particularly to the 300 orphaned or abandoned kittens, but to all unaltered animals surrendered to the HSDR. These procedures not only provide a healthier life span for the animal, but they considerably reduce the unwanted pet population.

The HSDR is planning to raise $100,000 to provide medical intervention and surgeries for shelter animals and to support the ‘HSDR Low Cost Spay and Neuter Fund’, which includes assessments and vaccines for underserved pets in Durham Region. This is an important initiative that could help us offer more procedures to animal rescues and pets of eligible residents, in the future.

The HSDR is requesting your help to reach our target by donating to ‘medical support’ on our website by clicking here. Any donations over $1,000 will be recognized on our site, with permission.

Your contribution, large or small, makes a difference in the lives of these animals.

Thank you for supporting the HSDR.