As a result of the current situation with COVID-19 (corona virus) the HSDR has had to close the shelter to the public until further notice.  The health, safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers, visitors and animals remain our first priority.  We will continue to provide care for the animals both in foster and in the shelter.


We want to thank the foster families who so willingly offered to provide temporary care to many of our animals, so that we could better protect the staff by reducing staff hours and contact.


Since we will be unable to conduct our fundraising events for an undetermined amount of time, we would greatly appreciate your support through monetary donations to help us provide food for our Community Pet Food Bank and for food and medical care for the animals in the shelter and in foster placements.

To make your life changing donation please click here.


For urgent or essential services, the public may arrange an appointment at the HSDR by calling the shelter at 905-665-7430 ex 0



Your Donation Makes A Difference!

The HSDR operates solely on the generosity of the public and people who love animals. With your donations of money or goods you are helping us rescue and protect animals that are innocent victims of abuse and neglect. Help us help the animals - DONATE NOW! 

*We also accept E-Transfer, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to donate today!*  When sending an E-transfer, please include your mailing address and contact information in the notes so that a tax receipt can be provided. 


Kitty Kare Program

The Kitty Kare Sponsorship Program is a program designed to help support the hundreds of kittens that come to the HSDR for care and adoption every year.  Each year, over 300 kittens come to the shelter from all different circumstances and often require a great amount of care upon arrival.  Kittens also come in at all different ages – some being a few weeks old and some being only a few days old without a mother to feed and care for them.  This is where our Kitty Kare Sponsorship Program makes a huge difference!  

For a sponsorship of $150, your support will go directly towards helping kittens in need in our community.  Included in the sponsorship you will receive monthly email updates for 12 months. Each email update will highlight the journey of a different kitten from intake to adoption at HSDR.  You will also have the opportunity to provide us with a theme for naming our next litter of kittens!  We will then post an update on our Facebook page with the kittens you named for everyone to see! Make sure to follow our Facebook page to see these posts! 

The Kitty Kare Sponsorship Program is an amazing alternative if you are not able to foster or adopt – you can support animals in need and save a kitten’s life without the commitment of adoption!  

The Kitty Kare Sponsorship Program also makes a great gift, you can purchase a sponsorship and have a loved one receive the email updates!  

The Kitty Kare Sponsor program is also available as a monthly pledge gift.  For only $12.50 per month, you can receive monthly email updates for 12 months!   

To sign up to become a Kitty Kare Sponsor please click here!  

You can also contact the shelter by phone at  905-665-7430 ex 0 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to become a sponsor today!  


Monthly & One-Time Donations

Your donations will provide food and care for our animals. You can make a donation online using your credit card - it is quick, easy and 100% secure. You can also make a donation via mail or by visiting the shelter. To become a monthly donor click here


Gift of Life

The Gift of Life fund covers costs for animals that need extended medical treatment and care due to injuries caused by accidents or abuse.

Donate in Memorium/Tribute & In Honour

Make a donation In Honour or In Memory of someone. A card is sent to the individual with each donation. 

To make an In Memory donation, click here

To make an In Honour donation, click here


Donation of Supplies

Operation of the shelter requires many items such as food, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, etc. for the care of the animals, office materials and equipment for administrative activities. Donation Wish List.

We also have an Amazon Wish List of items to help keep the animals as comfortable and happy as possible while they stay in our shelter. To see our Amazon Wish List please click here

Enrichment is a big part of an animal's life, especially in a shelter environment. We strive to keep the animals mentally engaged throughout the day to ease boredom and anxiety. We've created an Amazon Wish List for enrichment items we think would make their lives here in the shelter a little bit more fun and engaging. Check out our Wish List here

Donations of Securities/Stocks

To donate your gift of stock to the Humane Society of Durham Region, please click the following attachment/file Gift of Stock/Securities.

Wedding Favours for Pet Loving People

Why not begin your married life doing something meaningful like showing compassion to animals. 

Instead of giving traditional wedding favours, what if you choose to make a donation that would assist distressed or abused animals? Providing them with food, supplies, veterinarian care and spay/neuter programs. For more information and to see the available packages, click here


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For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Official tax receipts are provided for all donations.