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Adopt an Animal

Searching for your next family member? Your new best friend is waiting for you!

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Adoption Process

1. View our adoptable animals below (the site is updated live!). Select from "Adopt a dog", "Adopt a cat" or "Adopt a small animal" to view all of the available animals.

2. Fill in an Adopter Profile for the animal you're interested in adopting. You can find the link for the Adopter Profile by clicking on the "Adopter Profile" button at the top of the page.

3. Visit in person and bring your printed adopter profile document! (refer to the profile links mentioned in the step above) Please note there might be a wait time depending on activities in the Centre when you arrive.

4. Adoption conversation and meet & greet.
Please review “Adoption Prep List” posted below in advance. 

5. Adoption fee is paid and paperwork signed

6. New family member goes home!                                                                                                                               

Adoption Prep List

  • If a successful match is made during your time at the Animal Center, you will be taking your new pet home the same day.
  • All adopted cats MUST be transported home in a secure cat carrier and all adopted dogs MUST leave collared and leashed.
  • At least one piece of ID provided at the time of adoption must be a non-expired government issued ID containing proof of address (e.g. driver license, government issued mail within 4 to 6 months , or Ontario Photo Card).

Adopt a Pet